Improving your quality of life

Dr. Daniel Uba provides solutions to help you overcome your condition while improving your quality of life. He and his dedicated staff provide all the latest treatments for sleep apnea.

At Rapha Primary Care Center, our board-certified sleep specialists conduct your sleep study in our own in-house accredited sleep laboratory. Our rooms are modern and comfortable. Also, because we own and run our own lab, your diagnosis and your treatment occur here, maximizing your continuity of care.

We are responsible for our own policies and procedures, which we’ve crafted around the best interests of your health. We also diagnose and treat the full range of sleep disorders in addition to sleep apnea.

The right treatment

If your sleep study results indicate that you have sleep apnea, Dr. Uba will prescribe the use of a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device. Because it prevents airway closure during sleep, a CPAP device allows you to get the restful sleep – and adequate oxygen – that you need. Once your sleep apnea is treated, you will experience numerous benefits. In addition to increasing alertness and eliminating snoring, treatment for sleep apnea can lower your daytime and nighttime blood pressure levels… and your risk of accidents, injury and serious health consequences.